Roman Cycle Trail

Roman Cycle Trail - following the traces of the Romans from Passau to Enns

Exploring a region by bike is the best way to get to know the country and its people. The 242-kilometer Roman Cycle Trail starts in Passau crosses the Innviertel region and via Lake Attersee leads to Enns. Back to Passau you can take the Danube Cycle Route (North or South variant). If you like it more comfortable after the bike ride you take the train and recover. The basically leisurely tour has only minor differences in altitude.

Roman Cycle Trail Map

By biking on the Roman Cycle trail you will find stone-witnesses of former Roman settlements, information boards along the trail tell you more about the millenium-old history. Saddle up your bike - set out for the past and through different regions in Bavaria and Upper Austria. The Roman Cycle Trail connects not only the two neighboring countries, he is also - as his name promises - a cycle path in Roman times.

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Those series of videos show various places of interest in seven stages from Bavaria to Upper Austria on the Roman Cycle Trail. We are sorry the videos are only available in German.