Passau - Bad Füssing


Path number: Römerradweg
Starting place: 94036 Passau
Destination: 94072 Bad Füssing

duration: 2h 43m
length: 41,3 km
Altitude difference (uphill): 143m
Altitude difference (downhill): 119m

Lowest point: 299m
Highest point: 343m
difficulty: very easy
condition: easy
panoramic view: Dreamtour

Paths covering:
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Follow in the footsteps of the Romans on the first stage of the Römerradweg (Roman Cycle Trail) from Passau - Lake Attersee - Enns from the three-river city of Passau through the Passau landscape to the thermal stronghold of Bad Füssing.

We start in Passau on the promenade of the River Inn and follow the signs straight ahead on a pedestrian and bicycle path. At the Ingling plant the trail leaves the river for a short time and follows along the road on the right before it leads back to the Inn at the parking area. From there we follow the trail straight ahead to Neuburg am Inn, through Vornbach to Neuhaus am Inn. It then continues following the signs via Mittich, Ruhstorf a.d. Rott and Pocking to Bad Füssing, the end of this stage.

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Passau - Bad Füssing
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