Wels - Enns


Starting place: 4600 Wels
Destination: 4470 Enns
Path number: R6

duration:2,05 hours
length: 55,263 km
Altitude difference (uphill): 227 m
Altitude difference (downhill): 153 m
Lowest point: 240 m
Highest point: 343 m
difficulty: easy
difficulty: Some Views

Paths covering:
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From Wels you can cycle very comfortable all the way along the river of the same name to Traun.

- Still staying on the bank of the Traun - you cycle now first past only industrial areas, however, without being disturbed by the traffic – and then about another 2.5 km always a few meters to the left of the road but still without traffic – after a further one and a half kilometres you need to look out for the waste incineration plant: the Römerradweg (Roman Cycle Trail) passes the foot of the dam and shortly before the plant's main gate which you pass to the right of the Marchtrenk hydropower plant, passing by and under the Autobahn bridge to the branch leading to Marchtrenk.
Behind Au you reach quickly the Weißkirchner Straße (street) to Marchtrenk.
Here at Au an der Traun you have now for the first time the choice, for the trip downriver, between taking the north or the south bank; the Austrian Scouts have used the section as a "Cycle Trail for Peace" and display on the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the history of the 10 stages:
On the north bank: Keep to the right of the rest area and continue under the road bridge - always remaining on the river bank but with options of marked detours to Kappern, Holzleiten or Rutzing - the power plant at Traun-Pucking and the second road bridge to Haid, give you the chance to change river banks passing Traun-Oedt and Traun-St. Dionysen until you reach the railway bridge; then turn up left and cross to the right.

On the south bank: Keep left up the road to Au, but then turn right on to the cycle trail going along the road - directly on the other bank cross the busy road carefully to the left - past the well-marked branch trails to Sinnersdorf, Pucking and Hasenufer - at the power plant, Traun-Pucking and second road bridge, you can change again to the north bank to Traun – then continue to the railway bridge and at Traun-St. Dionysen head south.

From Traun to St. Florian (18 km)

Together with the Kremstalradweg (Krems Valley Cycle Trail) (R 10), you now continue keeping to the right of the railway tracks, past the Ansfelden stop on the eastern side of Haid - briefly you take the industrial road, then return back on to the cycle trail under the Autobahn, continuing straight ahead at the junction of the Kremstalradweg just before Nettingsdorf railway station staying on the Bahnhofstraße (Bahnhof street); now together with the Anton-Bruckner-Radweg (cycle trail) (R 14) on the Nettingdorf road with more traffic, over the Krems, leaving the paper mill at your right. After the railway turn left into the small Moosbauerstraβe (street) curving its way uphill or continue via Grabwinkel, then down the bumpy road through Fleckendorf and Vordermayrberg, and at crossings continue always more or less straight ahead on the main path (nearly 7 km).

Turn right here to the lake with the same name, then in a right-left curve continue up the steep Kremsdorferweg passing Wambacherberg and the Wolfjägerhof. The Wolfjägerstraβe makes a winding descent to down to Rohrbach. There, continue first to the right on Wolfernerstraβe which has right of way, but soon turn diagonally left into the small Griftenstraβe. When you reach the first houses in the village of Ölkam turn right at the junction towards the Gasthof Zur Hölle and then at Vierseithof Gemering again follow the sign to the right, now cycling uphill. On the Brucknerstraβe continue one last time steeply up through the forest. Continue on this road taking the curves down the hill to St. Florian. At Staftstraβe turn left to the famous Augustinian Chorherrenstift.

From St. Florian to Enns (9 km, to the Danube 11 km)

Here turn right downhill – do not take the Schulgasse which is closed to all traffic - but continue down the Fürstenberg and then turn left into Linzer Straße, continue straight taking the bend to the right past Marktplatz on the Wienerstraβe finally leaving the Marktgemeinde (market area). At the bell foundry turn diagonally to the right towards Samesleiten and (diagonally to the left) on the Samesleitnerstraße in the direction of Enns. Take the curves over the stream and then turn right on to the main road, a bit away from the noisy West- Autobahn. Turn left directly at the next opportunity and then left again on to the Johann- Hoflehner-Straβe to the A1 and cross beneath it. On the outskirts of Enns begins the cycle trail that leads across the roundabout. Here the Donauradweg (Danube Cycle Trail) is already signposted to the right; for example, this shortcut is useful when, apart from a stroll through the town, you are planning to continue the journey along the south bank of the Danube. The Römerradweg goes straight ahead over the major junction with Dr.-Karl-Renner-Straβe; continue on the cycle trail on the right-hand side now on the new Lagerhaus Straβe, straight towards the railway tracks; turn right there parallel to the Westbahnstraβe to Bahnhof Enns (Enns railway station).


Historic Old Town of Enns
Follow the footsteps of Roman legionnaires, put yourself in the era of medieval merchants! The houses of the old town...


St. Florian Monastery of the Augustinian Canons Regular
St. Florian, the oldest Monastery of the Augustinian Canons Regular in Austria, is an outstanding Baroque jewel and landmark for the entire Central Upper Austrian Region. ...


Basilica St. Laurenz
Traces of the Romans can be seen during a guided tour of the Basilica. St. Laurence Basilica stands on the north-east...


Sumerauerhof Outdoor Museum
This mighty square-shaped Farmstead is a typical example of an Upper Austrian farming structure. Pride of place is...


sovereigners castle
The former baronial castle, Vienna Road No. 9, was built in 1500 and expanded in 1569. Parts of the facade are from the Baroque period. ...
Direction information: straight ahead


Lauriacum Museum
On display is one the most considerable collections of Roman findings in Austria. The former Town Hall on the Enns...


Ödseen Lakes - nature preserve area
Right by the inn "Gasthof Jagersimmerl", turn left into the beautiful, idyllic Hetzau valley, where the two lakes are also located. These two romantic natural lakes are regarded as popular hiking and excursion...


Roman Cycle Trail Rest Area Enns/Enghagen
The Roman Cycle Trail Rest Area Enns/Enghagen invites cyclists to stay and recover new energy.


Roman Cycle Trail Rest Area Sumerauerhof
The Roman Cycle Trail Rest Area Sumerauerhof invites cyclists to stay and recover new energy.


Schloss Ennsegg

Traun Castle
The present Traun Castle stands on the foundations of a 12th century moated castle. By the end of the 16th century the...


City Fortification
The town fortifications was composed of inner and outer wall with kennel, ditch and rampart, 15 towers and 4 gates.Of the defense towers still stand the Jewish Tower (Kaltenbrunner alley), the baker tower (at the end of Bräuer alley or in the Dr. Renner...

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