Romain cycle trail & stages

The Roman Cycle Trail and its stages

The Roman Cycle Trail and its stages

We go to museums. We read books. But nothing is more exciting than actually standing on historic ground or – as it is true for the Roman Cycle Trail – to travel through history. Our time travel starts in Passau and ends in Enns after 242 kilometres of most enjoyable cycling through rolling hills, alongside beautiful rivers and lakes and through charming historical towns. Rest areas along the road will let you catch your breath, information boards explain the everyday life, living conditions and gods of the Romans. Museums and excavation sites beckon passers-by to stay a little longer – or to come back.

The classic tour

Alongside waterways on asphalted or other hard surfaced cycle paths, in the Innviertel region often on local or minor roads with only the occasional gentle gradient; Suitable for all types of bicycles and families; Uniform signage throughout and in both directions with green and white signs bearing a Roman helmet; Cycle Trail number R6 in Upper Austria; circuit possible if combined with the Danube Cycle Trail; Connected to the Danube, Inn, Tauern and Salzkammergut Cycle Trails. Further information available at Radtouren Österreich or Radfahren im Bayerischen Thermen- und Golfland


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Here are two more circuits for all those, who have energy left and want to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Bavaria and the Upper Austrian Innviertel region: