Roman Cycle Trail Rest Area Frankenmarkt


Roman Cycle Trail Rest Area Frankenmarkt
Hauptstrasse 83
4890 Frankenmarkt

Phone +43 7723 8555
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Römerradweg Rastplatz Frankenmarkt
Hauptstrasse 83
AT-4890 Frankenmarkt

The Roman Cycle Trail Rest Area Frankenmarkt invites cyclists to make halt and gather new energy tp continue on the trail.

On the route you will find many Roman cycle path resting places, which invite you to linger.

For younger visitors, there are child-friendly rest areas and for the most curious among them, there are information boards on site. On them is the entire route, the point of view in which the cyclist just rested, and a brief explanation of Roman history in this . Experience history, enjoy the  scenery and the people - this family adventure is called Römerradweg.

Nearest rest area direction Enns: approx. 11,8 km Roman Cycle Path rest area Vöcklamarkt
Nearest rest area direction Passau: approx. 6,2 km Roman Cycle Path rest area Fornach

Tables and benches invite you to linger, 3-part information boards and an audio guide inform you.

The Römerradweg resting place invites cyclists to linger and recharge their batteries at any time.

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